Welcome to FightBuilt, a world class Strength & Conditioning program. We first designed the program in 2012 to meet the specific needs of Combat Sports athletes. It has been continuously tested and refined since then to optimize athletic performance. FightBuilt uses numerous training methodologies, whether functional movement patterns or sports specific, to get you to where you want to be as rapidly as possible.


TeamBuilt is one of our proprietary training programs, specifically geared towards member of our numerous competition teams. We take things up a notch here, focusing on using a variety of conditioning tools and methods to bring these athletes to their ultimate physical fitness levels for competition.


SpeedBuilt is another one of our proprietary training programs designed to build speed, whatever your sport. We use a variety of training methodologies to maximize fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment and involvement, resulting in increased explosiveness and power. This results in measurable increases in athletic performance.


StrengthBuilt is also one of our proprietary programs. It was designed by our exercise physiologists to increase athletic strength, which is the ability to develop maximum force in a specific movement. Higher levels of strength lead to improved performance in a variety of sports specific activities. All else being equal, the strong athlete will always beat the weaker one.


We use fundamental movements as a base while incorporating sports specific exercises. In our group classes, students build a strong foundation and are constantly striving to maintain correct form and posture. This minimizes potential risk from injuries while maximizing exercise benefit.

Private Training

We also offer private training sessions and can design customized training plans specifically geared to you and your training / competition plans, whatever your sport. Whether your goals are increased speed, strength, power or endurance, we can help you succeed at a high level of Amateur and Professional competition.